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General Inquiries 877-415-5051
Payoff Quotes 877-696-7504
Payments Residential Credit Solutions
P.O. Box 650090
Dallas TX 75265-0090
General Inquiries
Residential Credit Solutions
P.O. Box 163229
Fort Worth, TX 76161-3229
Homeowner's Insurance Residential Credit Solutions
Attention: Insurance Services
P.O. Box 692330
San Antonio, TX 78269-2330
Property Taxes Residential Credit Solutions
Attention: Tax Department
P.O. Box 961274
Fort Worth, TX 76161-0274
Overnight Mail Residential Credit Solutions
4708 Mercantile Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76137
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Attention: Qualified Written Requests
P.O. Box 163889
Ft. Worth, TX 76161-3889

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